Definition of bubba in English:



North American
  • 1Used as an affectionate form of address to a brother.

    ‘my sister has always called me bubba’
    • ‘All I can say is, ‘Hold on, bubba, it's gonna’ be a wild ride.’’
    • ‘My brother, whom I call Bubba, has many memories of him even though he was only 2 years old when my dad went away to the service.’
    • ‘As you know, Bubba, I have no way to ever repay you for your unselfish gift of life you so eagerly gave to me. All I can offer to you is my undying love, my respect, my gratitude and my humble heart.’
    • ‘That's when my sister came in, ‘It's all right, bubba, all right,’ and so I came to love her and that's the truth.’
    • ‘‘Relax, bubba,’ Avery said a laugh in her voice as she gave him a swift one armed hug.’
    man, my friend
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  • 2derogatory An uneducated conservative white male of the southern US.

    • ‘Dean wasn't just whistling Dixie when he made his infamous remark about reaching out to bubbas bearing Confederate flags.’
    • ‘This book is a clear and credible survey of that phenomenon, and it's especially welcome in a year of generalizations about "the Bubba vote."’
    • ‘They're fat, tail-gate bubba types that break a sweat walking up the courthouse steps to apply for their hunting license.’
    • ‘There are the pickup trucks proudly displaying gun racks owned by the Bubbas of the South, and the souped up sports cars driven by NASCAR-driver "wannabes".’
    • ‘It seems that despite claims that the folks who were organizing the boycott are the bubba demographic that isn't sophisticated enough to consume French products, the boycott is actually being felt.’


Mid 19th century: alteration of brother.