Definition of BTL in English:



  • 1British

    ‘BTL landlords’
    short for buy-to-let
    • ‘I have to agree, the BTL houses have wrecked many thriving communities and it is sad to see.’
    • ‘BTL mortgages, however, were priced on the basis of likely rent received.’
    • ‘Only yesterday my wife and I were considering buying our 2nd BTL as our pension investment.’
    • ‘Most BTL is bought at auction at below real market value.’
    • ‘There is less money in the average pocket, so the rent won't go up, so that removes BTL buyers.’
    • ‘The typical BTL deal involves buying a £125,000 property with a £25,000 deposit.’
    • ‘He doesn't care about BTL and house prices - they are just a side effect of trying to salvage a broken economy.’
    • ‘Thus, if house prices were to fall by a fifth (20%), many BTL investors would see their equity wiped out.’
    • ‘These measures would stifle the BTL market and potentially allow house prices to fall as ex BTL properties flood the market.’
    • ‘Ive just bought my first BTL this week and hope to add two more with in next 12 months.’
  • 2

    short for below the line
    • ‘Sadly that is even more apparent in some of the comments BTL too, where even the few facts present in the story are cast aside.’
    • ‘The campaign will extend to print, radio, digital, mobile and BTL mediums.’
    • ‘Great article and thanks Dave for posting BTL.’
    • ‘I wasn't particularly impressed with this article, but the sheer pomposity of some of the comments BTL has actually left me feeling downright depressed.’
    • ‘The major focus of the campaign is on digital and BTL, including radio and on-ground.’
    • ‘We are looking for a business development/Marketing person to meet different clients for their advertisement work including ATL/BTL.’
    • ‘Did you not bother reading the article then in your excitement to see your name at the top of the BTL?’
    • ‘The opportunistic, and largely unlettered party-politicisation of what is quite a serious discussion BTL here is nauseating.’
    • ‘Radio is our first experiment in mass media and we will soon explore other channels such as cinema advertising and BTL activities.’
    • ‘Please re-read the article, as others have pointed out BTL this is a story about a potentially life-saving new treatment which will be available to the NHS.’