Definition of Brylcreemed in English:



  • See Brylcreem

    • ‘I remember seeing myself do this, all dressed up smartly - a white shirt with a wide tie in shiny, plum-coloured polyester - with my side parting neatly combed and Brylcreemed.’
    • ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood was based on the familiar legend, though Robin was now a foppish, Brylcreemed matinee idol whose Lincoln greens appeared dry-cleaned despite his living rough in Sherwood Forest.’
    • ‘During the London heatwave of 1949, the Brylcreemed and debonair Derek Aylward was reprimanded by West End producer ‘Binkie’ Beaumont for wearing shorts and an open-necked shirt.’
    • ‘The old pavilion glistened flannel-white in the far corner, alongside the always-shaded football stand where only those in trilbies and suits were entitled to sit - with their befrocked ladies and their Brylcreemed sons.’
    • ‘With him it's just the name, which he took from his grandfather's favourite footballer, Alex James, the Brylcreemed and baggy-shorted Arsenal winger from the 1920s who was one of Scotland's Wembley Wizards.’