Definition of brutality in English:



mass noun
  • Savage physical violence; great cruelty.

    ‘brutality against civilians’
    • ‘The shock of inhuman brutality was sufficient to traumatize the inhabitants into submission.’
    • ‘It was a clearly planned killing with murderous intent executed with brutality and determination.’
    • ‘Gone are the times when tensions would erupt in a blizzard of savage brutality.’
    • ‘The images of abuse and brutality he records are horrifyingly familiar.’
    • ‘I don't think he was exposed to enough of their atrocities and enough of their brutalities to understand what he really was getting involved in.’
    savagery, cruelty, bloodthirstiness, viciousness, ferocity, barbarity, wickedness, murderousness, cold-bloodedness, hard-heartedness, harshness
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