Definition of Brussels carpet in English:

Brussels carpet


  • A carpet with a heavy woollen pile and a strong linen back.

    • ‘Hall's house contained expensive Brussels carpets, oil paintings, china vases, marble-topped tables, a marble clock, a mirror-fronted wardrobe, an ice box, and other items typical to middle- and upper-class Victorian homes.’
    • ‘It was integral and uniform, and its patterns were as obvious and as artless as the patterns in its Brussels carpets.’
    • ‘The textiles include an array of curtains dating from 1858 and the 1890s, floor coverings from braided rugs to Brussels carpets to woven rush matting, and a large assortment of table covers, table runners, and table mats.’
    • ‘The home was filled with mahogany and rosewood furniture, damask drapes, and Brussels carpets.’
    • ‘Their grandparents’ house was furnished in mid-Victorian style with heavy furniture, Brussels carpets and bric-a-brac brought back from around the world by captains of the ships made in the Greenman yard.’
    • ‘The parlor has a modern Brussels carpet, woven in England to a design of the late eighteenth century, while the furniture is of the period but not of the house.’
    • ‘Whaley furnished the residence with Brussels carpets and mahogany and rosewood furniture, creating the most elegant home in San Diego.’
    • ‘The Nicollet, with its lace curtains, Brussels carpets, mirrored parlors, and elegant furniture, all made in Minneapolis, went on to become one of the most prominent landmarks of the city.’
    • ‘Wilton carpet is a short-weave carpet with a sheared pile that gives it a velvet texture, as opposed to Brussels carpet, which is unsheared.’
    • ‘The new house promises to be ‘something quite grand’ with elegant furniture and Brussels carpets.’
    • ‘Many of the Victorian pieces in the bedroom were placed there by the Trumans when the Brussels carpet and the Lincoln bed were installed in 1945.’
    • ‘The walls and ceilings inside the house were elegant with red Brussels carpet throughout all of the rooms.’
    • ‘Elsewhere he placed fine furniture and Brussels carpets, and hung portraits of some of his personal friends - Thomas Jefferson, Henry Clay, and Andrew Jackson.’
    • ‘The curtains were blue damask, and an immense Brussels carpet covered the floor.’
    • ‘The floor of each room is covered with a richly variegated and costly Brussels carpet.’
    • ‘The floors are covered by wool Wilton and Brussels carpets woven on looms as in the nineteenth century, in strips 27’ wide, and then sewn together.’
    • ‘The power loom with Jacquard mechanism was developed in 1849, and Brussels carpet was first manufactured by the Clinton Company of Massachusetts.’
    • ‘Fine furniture and Brussels carpets added to the elegance.’
    • ‘The carpeting in this room is a reproduction of a mid-nineteenth century Brussels carpet, with classic details and colors typical of the Restoration period.’
    • ‘From marbled geometrics, to graceful stenciled flower motifs, to intricate faux Brussels carpets, these designs complement a room full of antiques or can look great with contemporary furnishings.’


Brussels carpet