Definition of brushtail in English:


(also brush-tailed possum)


  • A nocturnal and mainly tree-dwelling Australasian marsupial, which has a pointed muzzle and a furred tail with a naked tip.

    Genus Trichosurus, family Phalangeridae: three species, in particular the common brushtail (T. vulpecula), frequently found in suburban areas

    • ‘One mammal I have studied, the Australian brush-tailed possum, harms mistletoe in a direct way, by devouring it.’
    • ‘The Australian brush-tailed possum, put simply, is a pest of epidemic proportions.’
    • ‘Let's face it - brush-tailed possums have already achieved the status of house squatters in thousands of suburban houses in Australia.’
    • ‘Potential mammalian nest predators such as common brush-tailed possums and house mice were present in all plots, but the dominant nest predators always were birds.’
    • ‘Native to Australia, where they are now protected, brush-tailed possums were first introduced to New Zealand in 1837 to jump-start the fur trade.’