Definition of brushstroke in English:



  • A mark made by a paintbrush drawn across a surface.

    • ‘The old subject matter leaves its indelible traces in the very material of Williams's art, in her brushstrokes themselves.’
    • ‘Holliday always appears to begin with feathery, illusionistic brushstrokes that suggest an expansive, cinematic space and then improvises over them with a repertoire of painterly conventions.’
    • ‘In Golden Bird House, a similarly disconcerting picture, scumbled ocher brushstrokes fill the sky behind a white turretlike construction resting atop a pole.’
    • ‘He sees the brushstrokes on the surface and knows how to copy them, but because he doesn't understand their underlying purpose he ends up being only a clumsy and ultimately damaging imitation when he tries to craft a painting of his own.’
    • ‘The finished work is executed on hot-press watercolor paper with controlled brushstrokes on a dampened surface.’
    • ‘The first painting, Figure 1, is particularly intriguing because of the contrast between the flat eggshell blue background and the more agitated and painterly brushstrokes describing the figure of a woman.’
    • ‘Streaking across the varnished canvases, the reflections reveal tiny cracks, vigorous brushstrokes and traces of impasto, and generate a tension between painterly substance and photographic flatness.’
    • ‘Vermeer's dreamy interior light and Manet's poised brushstrokes are beautifully rendered, and Bierk even duplicates the cracking of paint.’
    • ‘Influenced by artists Robert Motherwell and Joan Mitchell, McClymont uses the strong, gestural brushstrokes of the post-war Abstract Expressionists.’
    • ‘The expanse of its textured surface is unashamedly painterly, but the bold and sweeping brushstrokes to the left and right of the canvas are tempered by intricate central sections.’
    • ‘Soon, this same planar element reappeared in some of her paintings and watercolors as a squarish brushstroke, abstracting the shape of flowers.’
    • ‘They inspired a series of powerful Expressionist landscapes, with heavy brushstrokes and vivid colours, in which he first developed a personal style.’
    • ‘Almost entirely covered with neatly cut pieces of found printed paper, the surfaces are also streaked with linear brushstrokes and small passages of transparent washes.’
    • ‘Her surfaces have the peeling roughness of a decayed fresco; her urgent brushstrokes resemble callused fingers.’
    • ‘His portraits are of heroes, both known and unknown, and his technique relies on a range of influences, including the swirling brushstrokes of Van Gogh, the skillful drawings of Degas and the pop stylings of Peter Max.’
    • ‘He often employed a personal technique: feathering his surfaces on the top layer with small white brushstrokes, which delicately muffle the colors underneath.’
    • ‘His hearts are each accompanied by inspirational verbiage, and he says no two paintings are the same - each bears its colors and brushstrokes like a fingerprint.’
    • ‘Instead of opaque panes, the windows are translucent, gray, shimmering surfaces built up with thick, juicy brushstrokes that dance in the light, through which it seems one could see to the other side.’
    • ‘As light passes across the surfaces you can see the evenly applied brushstrokes of the final layer, but the specifics of this technique do not become the focus of your experience.’
    • ‘The stained, dilapidated ceiling yields its representational clarity to the intensity of the wandering linear brushstrokes and bruised colors that define its unusual topography.’