Definition of brushlike in English:



  • See brush

    • ‘Although the flower is white, it has up to 100 long, bright red stamens giving it a brush-like appearance.’
    • ‘In the third and most recently-proposed model, the sidearms are unstructured polyelectrolyte chains, forming a hairy, polymer brush-like layer around the filament backbone.’
    • ‘Lights glow in the planting bed, illuminating brush-like desert spoons and brilliant bougainvilleas.’
    • ‘We have shown that the short-range repulsion can be reasonably well described by theories of grafted flexible polymer chains in a brush-like configuration.’
    • ‘Safety systems include ‘intumescent’ plastic seals around doors - which bubble up when hot and seal the door - and cold smoke ones, brush-like strips, which are fitted flush with the door.’