Definition of brushless in English:



  • See brush

    ‘a brushless motor’
    • ‘The 5-in.-long NPK09 features a brushless dc motor, and generates 100 psi of pressure and vacuum to 27 in.Hg.’
    • ‘The Hydro-Foam is a remote control electric airplane powered by a brushless motor and lithium-polymer batteries.’
    • ‘Motor designs include brushed DC motors incorporating advanced materials for high power/mass and brushless DC motors that are widely recognised for their reliability and tailored performance.’
    • ‘Using information from the vehicle's ABS, traction control, chassis system or stability control system, the ACR tightens the seat belt using an electric brushless motor.’
    • ‘Intended for direct-drive applications in large inertia and high torque load systems, brushless torque motors deliver stall torque ranging from 2 to 1490 lb/ft.’