Definition of brush up on (or brush something up) in English:

brush up on (or brush something up)

phrasal verb

  • Improve one's existing knowledge or skill in a particular area.

    ‘brush up on your telephone skills’
    • ‘I hope the Rev is brushing up on his acting skills.’
    • ‘These camps keep children amused while allowing them to brush up on their acting skills, the backstroke or learn to play a sport.’
    • ‘Drivers are being offered a chance to brush up on their skills in a six-week course.’
    • ‘If I were him, I'd start brushing up on my typing skills.’
    • ‘He has obviously been brushing up on a number of skills - his encyclopedic memory of what goes on in the Robert McDougall Gallery - in order to get ready for the new job that he will need, come 2005.’
    • ‘Our Mr. Hunter needs brushing up on his profiling skills,’ Shanelle teased back jumping into the conversation.’
    • ‘Returning to work will be daunting enough, getting used to the new equipment, brushing up on your skills and having very little clothes up to date.’
    • ‘Perhaps your reading comprehension skills need a little brushing up on.’
    • ‘Marion took a part-time job at Guaranteed Trust on Lonsdale Avenue, while at the same time brushing up on her business skills in evening classes at Lucas School.’
    • ‘He said the bus also offered fun materials for brushing up on reading, writing and maths skills.’
    revise, read up, go over, refresh one's memory of, relearn, cram, study, learn
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