Definition of brush someone/thing aside in English:

brush someone/thing aside

phrasal verb

  • Dismiss someone or something curtly and confidently:

    ‘he brushed aside attacks on his policies’
    • ‘She had taken her prospectus to a colleague, but he dismissed the idea, brushing it aside with ‘the industry is too broad.’’
    • ‘I brushed the thought aside and ignored the feeling in my stomach.’
    • ‘The ‘because I say so’ attitude of old seems to be disappearing - largely because street-wise, confident children are brushing it aside, demanding to be given the rationale behind requests.’
    • ‘The girl laughed, brushing the mild insult aside.’
    • ‘I brushed the idea aside and tried to forget about it.’
    • ‘Leila brushed his words aside with a light laugh.’
    • ‘She took a moment to reflect on what she must look like, and did a mental shrug, brushing the subject aside.’
    • ‘In fact I brushed it aside with the merest of shrugs and am tentatively starting to believe that I may actually finish this house before I retire, if that isn't too daringly optimistic.’
    • ‘Sure, one can have an opinion, but it can be brushed aside, shrugged off - it's just your point of view, after all.’
    • ‘That mindset makes it easy to ignore the facts or brush them aside because ‘the facts ‘aren't really facts, at least not as most of us understand them.’
    disregard, ignore, dismiss, shrug off, pass over, put aside, sweep aside, wave aside
    overlook, pay no attention to, take no notice of, refuse to acknowledge, neglect, think no more of, forget about, have no time for, shut one's eyes to, turn a blind eye to, turn a deaf ear to
    reject, spurn, flout
    scoff at, laugh off, make light of, trivialize, belittle, minimize
    play down, pooh-pooh, cock a snook at
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