Definition of brush-up in English:



  • 1usually in singular An act of cleaning or smartening oneself or something up.

    ‘he must want a wash and brush-up after the long journey’
    • ‘All in all, he could do with a bit of a wash and a brush-up.’
    • ‘York comedy guru Dan Atkinson was being whisked off to glitzy London today to be given a wash, trim and brush-up all at the BBC's expense.’
    • ‘The days took on a relaxing pattern: a reviving mug of tea on deck first thing, a wash and brush-up in the marina bathrooms or in the cramped shower on board, followed by breakfast in a cafe.’
    • ‘Five hours later I awoke for my trek to work via home and a wash and brush-up.’
    • ‘He told The Westmorland Gazette that a bit of a brush-up was needed to remove the brown layer of algae growing on Nelson's shell and restore the native British lobster to his usual colour scheme of blue, with orange claws.’
    1. 1.1usually as modifier An act of improving existing knowledge or skill in a particular area.
      ‘a two-day brush-up course’
      • ‘Professors quickly realized the students needed a brush-up and scheduled the missing piece.’
      • ‘I don't think she's ever really delved into the finer points of US-Mideast relations in the 20th century, and for that matter, I could use a brush-up.’
      • ‘Students turn to community colleges for basic skills brush-up or new skills acquisition.’
      • ‘Reading this fast-paced, action-packed book written by Kalki did more than give me a thorough brush-up of my reading skills.’
      • ‘There was a quick brush-up on a few of the movements, and then a break before the concert started at 7: 30 pm.’