Definition of brush-turkey in English:



  • A large mound-building bird of the megapode family, resembling a turkey and found mainly in New Guinea.

    Family Megapodiidae: several genera and species, including Alectura lathami of eastern Australia

    Also called scrub-turkey
    • ‘Social responses without early experience: Australian brush-turkey chicks use specific visual cues to aggregate with conspecifics.’
    • ‘My friend commented that she had never seen any sign of a brush-turkey being hit on the roads.’
    • ‘Australian brush-turkeys, Alectura lathami, are birds with an unusual life-history: the young receive no parental care and first encounter conspecifics at an unpredictable age.’
    • ‘When bush walking around Sydney can often hear brush-turkeys and get a quick glance of them in the bush.’
    • ‘Taxa of Megapapodiidae are commonly referred to as scrub fowl (Macrocephalon, Megapodius, Eulipoa); brush-turkeys (Alectura, Aepypodius, Talegalla), or mallee fowl (Leipoa).’