Definition of bruschetta in English:



mass noun
  • Toasted Italian bread drenched in olive oil and served typically with garlic or tomatoes.

    • ‘Any imbecile can put a pile of chopped up tomatoes on toasted bread and call it bruschetta.’
    • ‘They hosted dinner parties - although we never called them that because it sounded middle class - at which they nonchalantly served up bruschetta and poached salmon.’
    • ‘Another new item on the menu is the yummy bread stick, which is prepared for those who want to taste a different kind of starter, other than the garlic bread, bruschetta, chicken wings, soup and salad.’
    • ‘We chose the fried calamari and an order of cabo, an eggplant dish, from an interesting list that included bruschetta, quesadillas, ceviche and steamed mussels.’
    • ‘Leave to marinate for a good 4-6 hours (overnight won't hurt), then serve them, scattered with the capers, with hunks of bread or on thin sluices of garlicky bruschetta.’
    • ‘I was glad I passed on the starters of buffalo wings, goat's cheese on bruschetta, garlic bread, soup or salad.’
    • ‘Minestrone with garlic bread bruschetta, buffalo mozzarella pizza, and homemade cannelloni would be followed by a selection of main courses including Chilean sea bass, tiger prawns, and rosemary spring chicken.’
    • ‘Variations on bruschetta, kebabs, quesadillas, pizza, fries, you name it - there's room for fun, sophisticated twists on such favorites that can work on any type of menu.’
    • ‘Do Mori sells cicchetti, the Venetian version of tapas: baby artichokes in season, slices of pecorino or polenta, tomato bruschetta, boiled salt cod mashed with oil to make a paste and spread on toast.’
    • ‘Other predictable starters included focaccia topped with portobello mushrooms with pancetta and garlic as well as bruschetta with poached plum tomato, ricotta and basil pesto.’
    • ‘You can use Italian olive oil as an everyday oil, but it is a must for use in authentic Italian foods such as bruschetta and risotto, for tossing with cooked pasta, or for making and drizzling over focaccia.’
    • ‘From jumbo chicken wings or warm chicken salad around the €8 mark to garlic ciabatta bread and bruschetta for €2.45 and €3.75, they also won't break the bank.’
    • ‘The classic Italian lunch includes several courses of olives, bruschetta, risotto, beans, and rabbit, duck and chicken from the rotisserie.’
    • ‘These are the types of wines that established a daily wine culture in Italy and you can't ignore how good they taste with simple, delicious dishes like spicy sausages and garlicky bruschetta.’
    • ‘We also had taramasalata, hummus, tuna carpaccio topped with Parmesan shavings and pine nuts, grilled red peppers, goat cheese and tomato bruschetta with toasted bread.’
    • ‘Other starters include bruschetta served with tomato, onion and pesto, £3.25, and baked dough sticks brushed with garlic butter, £1.95.’
    • ‘There are ideas for a lazy Sunday brunch, like bruschetta with ratatouille and Camembert, a great layered fajita for picnics, and lots of polenta ideas.’
    • ‘To complement the wines, Lo Spuntino offers Italian-influenced tapas like bruschetta, hot smoked salmon and tiramisu, priced at $4.99 to $8.99.’
    • ‘The bruschetta was pizza bread on which sat six grilled cherry tomato halves (I did not dare ask if this was an HQ-directed quantity) and a piece of cold, grey ham on top.’
    • ‘For starters, there were stonebaked garlic bread, bruschetta and tomato and mozzarella salad, at around the £3.50 mark.’


Note that bruschetta is spelled with -sche- in the middle but pronounced -ske-


Italian, from bruscare ‘to toast’.