Definition of Brummagem in English:



  • 1informal attributive Relating to Birmingham or the dialect of English spoken there.

    • ‘'Proper Brummie: A Dictionary of Birmingham Words and Phrases', compiled by Steve Thorne and Carl Chinn, represents the first serious attempt to comprehensively document the Brummagem dialect.’
    • ‘The dropped "h" and the excessive conjunctions of Brummagem dialect clash with the conventional prose of Richard's speech.’
  • 2dated attributive Cheap, showy, or counterfeit.

    ‘a vile Brummagem substitute for the genuine article’
    • ‘Yes you, with your Brummagem display of sardonicism!’
    • ‘We see it as a Brummagem display (hence the ‘tramp stamp’ moniker) and it usually inspires thoughts we cannot air in polite company.’
    • ‘They suffer all the Brummagem sentiments emanating therefrom, and return confirmed in the belief that they have tasted the culture of Einstein and Beethoven.’
    gaudy, flashy, showy, garish, loud
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Mid 17th century: dialect form of Birmingham, England; Brummagem (sense 2 of the adjective) is with reference to counterfeit coins and cheap plated goods once made there.