Definition of Brumaire in English:



  • The second month of the French Republican calendar (1793–1805), originally running from 22 October to 20 November.

    • ‘The pretext for the Brumaire coup had been the prevention of a Jacobin plot, and in the course of it 62 left-wing deputies were excluded from the national representation.’
    • ‘Time itself was changed and months from the revolutionary calendar, denoting crucial events in Thermidor or Brumaire, were also added to the lexicon.’
    • ‘It ended with Napoleon's coup d'état on 18 Brumaire.’
    • ‘Marx also wrote in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.’
    • ‘With the coup d'état of the 18th Brumaire 1799, which brought Bonaparte to power, Paine was again under suspicion.’


French, from brume ‘mist’.