Definition of bruising in English:



  • 1Causing a bruise or bruises.

    ‘his legs took the bruising blows’
    • ‘Just walking around the streets is a bruising experience.’
    • ‘For his intentionally bruising play, Ingram will not be punished.’
    • ‘Having skied in such an ermine-lined resort, a return to the brutal shoving of Europe's lift lines could prove a bruising experience.’
    • ‘As was expected, this was a bruising encounter with both boxers trading punch for punch and bringing the crowd to its feet on a number of occasions.’
    • ‘Heavyweight boxers usually slump into an exhausted embrace after battering each other for 15 bruising rounds.’
    1. 1.1 (of a competitive situation) conducted in an aggressive way and likely to be stressful.
      ‘a bruising cabinet battle over public spending’
      • ‘And his government still had a bruising battle over tax reform and budget consolidation to look forward to.’
      • ‘That looks like good news for the firm's management, who will not be dragged through a bruising battle they would probably have won anyway.’
      • ‘When we return: the president's most controversial Cabinet nominee survives a bruising Senate confirmation.’
      • ‘Labour has been here before, both with Militant's tactics in the early 1980s and then with the bruising battle over its 1997 candidacy in Govan.’
      • ‘In a reference to the bruising shareholder battle at the Silicon Valley firm over the acquisition of Compaq, Fiorina said the battle has made the company stronger.’
      • ‘It is the first time the church has had a pro-gay group campaigning within its ranks and the stage is set for a bruising battle with traditionalists, who advocate celibacy for homosexuals.’
      • ‘Yet, if tries were impossible to come by and this Irish side have still scored eight in the current championship there were some memorable moments in a bruising challenge.’
      • ‘Most of those Senators are pretty popular in their home states, though Santorum may face a bruising re-election battle.’
      • ‘Wasting no time from their bruising debate in Arizona last night, seven of the nine presidential candidates headed back East.’
      • ‘That means we can look forward to a full and frank account of the bruising battle against Galloway, but it might also mean that a certain Labour MEP will be suffering a few restless nights.’
      • ‘More than 100 of the party's MPs have signed motions criticising the government's plans and he faces a bruising battle to push the measure through the Commons.’
      • ‘Officials say President Bush is unlikely to want to subject himself to bruising confirmation hearings for a new director before the elections.’
      • ‘Dennis Wyness and Lee Mair fight for possession in a bruising draw at Tynecastle as the home side, after early slumbers, awoke to claim a share of the points.’
      • ‘Politicians will do Zambians a great favour to stop in their tracks in their bruising verbal battles to the messages of reconciliation.’
      • ‘It will also make sure that the new product wins the bruising battle with the competition to be the number one games console in homes, which in turn will lead to hefty returns in the future.’
      • ‘In the U.S., the deal faces a bruising battle in Congress if the Bush administration tries to push it through in an election year.’
      • ‘Behind them the race had become a bruising battle with plenty of cars displaying panel damage.’
      • ‘John Roberts will certainly need nerves of steel to survive what's expected to be a bruising Senate confirmation hearing.’
      • ‘In a tough and sometimes bruising premier league encounter, it was the home team Ferrybank who claimed the victory in this Premier League clash.’
      • ‘The cull of Scottish Westminster MPs was last night given the go-ahead by Labour, sparking off a bruising battle for survival for two Scottish Cabinet ministers.’


mass noun
  • Bruises on the skin.

    ‘her arm showed signs of bruising’
    • ‘The victim suffered swelling and bruising to his face and was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital.’
    • ‘Many young Marines were left with serious bruising after receiving 20-30 blows from their peers.’
    • ‘He was scratched all over his body and suffered swelling and bruising to his hand and the back of his head.’
    • ‘The 48-year-old driver claimed he was hit around the head and sustained swelling and bruising to his face and cuts to his hands.’
    • ‘She was seen with black eyes and extensive bruising.’
    • ‘The pants were straight legged, so they didn't show any bony legs and yet at the bottom, they still showed the right amount of skin, with no bruising.’
    • ‘Both were kept at the hospital overnight for observation, one with cuts to his head, hands and face and the other suffering swelling and bruising to his face as well as cuts to his face, hands and body.’
    • ‘For some of the lasers, you will get temporary bruising of the skin and occasionally superficial scabbing.’
    • ‘Ankle ligament tears are graded from one to three, and can involve anything from mild tenderness and stiffness to severe swelling and bruising.’
    • ‘A 10-year-old boy was assaulted repeatedly and returned home with severe bruising round his neck on one occasion.’
    • ‘If it wasn't for the black eye, other bruising, and the sling her arm was in, she'd look peaceful, but the abuse destroyed any peaceful look in her face.’
    • ‘And that leads me to deduce that there is more DNA evidence, evidence of possibly bruising, torn clothes, blood.’
    • ‘Wounds, bruisings, and bee stings accounted for another 21 percent, fractures and dislocations a mere 7 percent, and head injuries 2 percent.’
    • ‘But anything that left a red mark on a child for several hours, broke the skin or caused bruising would be illegal.’
    • ‘Seaton advised that deficiencies may manifest in lack of energy, poor recovery from workouts, easy bruising, or other signs.’
    • ‘The victim, who suffered a black eye and bruising, was treated at Burnley General Hospital before being discharged.’
    • ‘The victim was left with severe swelling and bruising to his ear and eye.’
    • ‘Abdominal findings and any sign of trauma or bruising also should be noted.’
    • ‘Mercifully, there was no permanent damage, just bruising.’
    • ‘One can return to normal activities in about two weeks and aching, swelling or bruising will begin to disappear after several weeks.’
    sensitivity to pain, soreness, painfulness, inflammation, rawness
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