Definition of brownish in English:



  • Having a brown tinge; slightly brown.

    ‘a brownish coloured cat’
    ‘where I live the soil is brownish red’
    • ‘The French teacher was a middle-aged woman with short brownish hair.’
    • ‘The bulbs should not be shriveled, brownish, or dried out.’
    • ‘The brownish autumn color of a dying Georgia cotton field was the inspiration for Brownfield Copeland's naming.’
    • ‘My hair was slightly lighter than my eyes, a softer brownish color, always tied back in a ponytail.’
    • ‘She looked at the wooden bucket and the lump of brownish soap.’
    • ‘You may see a black or brownish black beetle, sometimes outlined with dull yellow, floating backwards to the surface.’
    • ‘Look for the brownish granulated sugar in specialty food stores.’
    • ‘What you're looking for are seeds that have mostly turned dark, or brownish.’
    • ‘It sports bright lemon-yellow blossoms with brownish colored centers.’
    • ‘These are fish of variable coloration, with backs that may be brownish, bluish, or greenish.’