Definition of Brownie Guider in English:

Brownie Guider


  • The adult leader of a group of Brownies.

    See also brown owl (sense 2 of the noun)
    • ‘All the Brownie Guiders have been trained on the new programme and are now using the new books and ideas in their meetings.’
    • ‘On May 11 th, the St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury, played host to eighty Brownie Guiders who were taught how to play Kwik Cricket so they could introduce cricket to their girls.’
    • ‘We are always looking for new leaders and would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested in becoming a Brownie Guider.’
    • ‘I'm an Assistant Brownie Guider, Assistant Guide Guider, Division International Advisor, and just about any other job I get volunteered for…!’
    • ‘One of the Brownie Guiders got hers, and so did I.’
    • ‘By the way, I was a Brownie Guider and Rainbow Guider before I ‘retired’ and continued my Guiding connections through the Trefoil Guild.’
    • ‘When a Brownie is approaching her twelfth birthday, as she moves on to high school, she will be assisted by her Brownie Guider in moving into a Guide Company.’
    • ‘Sue's first job as National Brownie Adviser will be to look at the on-going support and training needs of Brownie Guiders as they continue to implement the revised Brownie programme.’
    • ‘While her family were growing up she helped to found Holm Playgroup and was also a Brownie Guider.’
    • ‘In January 1989 Carole decided that she wanted to concentrate on Guides and so I was asked to become the Assistant Brownie Guider.’
    • ‘There was petty squabbling, bitching and power struggles such as you would see in any boardroom or Brownie Guiders meeting (that's another opinion for me to write!’
    • ‘Her CV also lists a range of voluntary work from the Swindon Users' Network to being a Brownie Guider for a team of seven to ten-year-olds at the Pilgrim Centre.’
    • ‘Experiential Training for Brownie Guiders were introduced at Pack Holiday Trainings.’
    • ‘Some Brownie Guiders might feel too inexperienced to tackle the Science Investigator Badge so we are using this BBSRC grant to fund a training day for Norfolk Guiders.’
    • ‘‘When I left Netherurd I left 50 friends’ a new Brownie Guider after her first visit to the Scottish Training and Activity Centre near Peebles.’
    • ‘A Brownie chooses her outfit from a range of Brownie wear, which can be purchased from the Guide Shop at JHQ (if you live further afield, your Brownie Guider will place a mail order for you).’
    • ‘Ali is the Brownie Guider at 6th Isleworth Brownies, an assistant Brownie Guider at 2nd Isleworth Brownies and an assistant Guide Guider at 2nd Spring Grove Guides.’
    • ‘The when I was 19 I became an Assistant Guider and after 2 years became Brownie Guider at the 6th Widnes Brownies in Hale Village, near Liverpool.’