Definition of brown trout in English:

brown trout


  • The common trout of Europe, especially one of a non-migratory race with dark spotted skin, that occurs in small rivers and pools.

    Salmo trutta, family Salmonidae, in particular S. trutta fario.

    • ‘I knew there were sea trout, brown trout and Falklands trout in the rivers and lakes and Falkland mullet in the creeks.’
    • ‘So far 25 salmon, as well as two brown trout, one sea trout, three lamprey and two dace, have been trapped.’
    • ‘It can be quite rightly argued that all brown trout have sea trout qualities and that all sea trout have brown trout characteristics.’
    • ‘As well as supporting an excellent run of summer grilse and sea trout, the quiet Cambusmore pools house some superb brown trout.’
    • ‘The tiger trout is a specially bred-on-site hybrid between a brook trout and a brown trout.’


brown trout

/ˈbraʊn traʊt/