Definition of brown goods in English:

brown goods

plural noun

  • Television sets, audio equipment, and similar household appliances.

    ‘a supply chain that accommodates highly perishable products, as well as white and brown goods’
    Compare with grey goods, white goods
    • ‘And the first big additions to the Jungle site will be the introduction of online credit agreements, which Bennett reckons no one else is doing yet, and the appearance of brown goods.’
    • ‘Supermarkets have become a one-stop shop for food, clothes, white goods, brown goods, dry-cleaning, photo-processing, banking and internet access.’
    • ‘Please note, however, that whilst I will always welcome foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, brown goods etc, I have no specific need for sanitising stations.’
    • ‘The gift vouchers are redeemed in this City mostly at jewellery stores and shops selling home appliances, both white and brown goods.’
    • ‘This time of year, customers go for brown goods, such as DVDs, widescreen TVs, camcorders, items that cost more than they would normally be prepared to spend, Taylor said.’


brown goods