Definition of brown coal in English:

brown coal


  • another term for lignite
    • ‘He's investigated a proposal to use geosequestration with brown coal in the La Trobe valley, and believes that the technology is risky.’
    • ‘The energy content of the hydrocarbon fuels commences with around 10 megajoules per kilogram for brown coal to a peak of 45 megajoules per litre for petroleum.’
    • ‘The Centre for Clean Power from Lignite, or brown coal, was successful in this current first round.’
    • ‘When the brown coal burns, it leaves hardly any ash behind.’
    • ‘You compare this to 35 per cent for black coal or 29 per cent for brown coal.’
    • ‘The price of brown coal, which is used in power plants, rose 35 percent over the past several months, while the price of higher-quality coal experienced a 50 percent rise.’
    • ‘Apparently they weren't rounded enough and came out looking like lumps of brown coal.’
    • ‘The burning of brown coal in Victoria's Latrobe Valley produces about 70 tonnes of uranium oxide per gigawatt of electrical energy per year.’
    • ‘Imagine Australia 50 years from now, with half our energy supplies from wind, the brown coal industry dead, and 7-million hectares of biomass energy crops growing across the country.’
    • ‘Burning brown coal, using new technologies, is effective and environmentally acceptable.’
    • ‘The additional pressure and heat of the overburden gradually converts peat into another form of coal known as lignite or brown coal.’
    • ‘Europe, for instance, has sufficient amounts of brown coal, or lignite, to keep the continent supplied with electrical power for the next 200 years or so.’
    • ‘So, Hazelwood, the state's dirtiest power station, and the nation's heaviest polluter, is likely to keep churning along for another 26 years, happily burning filthy brown coal for electricity.’
    • ‘Victorian brown coal with its + 60 per cent moisture content has technical challenges for conversion to liquid fuels.’
    • ‘This compares with 3.5 cents for black coal, 4 cents for brown coal, 4.2 cents for gas, but all with uncosted emissions.’
    • ‘Chinese power plants burn acid-rain causing brown coal, while American scientists work on fusion power and fuel cells.’
    • ‘The Bracks government is allowing eight new gas generators in total, and believes the future for Victoria is to burn more brown coal from the La Trobe valley.’
    • ‘Maritsa Iztok 2 is the largest thermal power plant in the Balkans fuelled by brown coal.’
    • ‘The Victorian Minister, for example, has been careful to claim a special position for the intrinsically more CO emitting brown coal generators.’
    • ‘There is also enough brown coal in the Latrobe Valley to provide cheap electricity generation for Victoria for the next five hundred years.’