Definition of brown algae in English:

brown algae

plural noun

  • A large group of algae that are typically olive brown or greenish in colour, including many seaweeds. They contain xanthophyll in addition to chlorophyll.

    Class "Phaeophyceae", division "Heterokontophyta" (also phylum "Heterokonta", kingdom "Protista"); formerly division "Phaeophyta"

    • ‘When presented with five macroalgal species concurrently, H. sanguineus preferred green algae to red and brown algae.’
    • ‘Ribbed mussels, green algae (Enteromorpha spp.) and species of brown algae (Ascophyllum and Fucus) are often seen at the base of the mats of Spartina.’
    • ‘The largest of the chromists are the Phaeophyta, the brown algae - the largest brown algae may reach over 30 meters in length.’
    • ‘Some are featureless and probably represent bacterial mats, but a few have a stalk and seem to represent some sort of seaweed-like algae, possibly brown algae (phaeophytes).’
    • ‘First, although the ‘algae’ are not monophyletic, the red algae, brown algae, etc., are monophyletic groups.’


brown algae