Definition of brown-tail in English:


(also brown-tail moth)


  • A white European tussock moth with a tuft of brown hairs on the tip of the abdomen. The caterpillars have severely irritant hairs that can produce an allergic reaction, overwinter in a communal web, and can be a pest of tree foliage.

    Euproctis chrysorrhoea, family Lymantriidae

    • ‘The brown-tail moth is so-called because of its thick dark brown tail tuft of hairs, which is very noticeable on the female.’
    • ‘Gypsy moth caterpillars defoliate trees, bitter-sweet vines strangle native trees, and brown-tail moths pose threats both to trees and human health.’
    • ‘These caterpillars of the brown-tail moth are noted for their poisonous hairs, which can cause a rash on contact with skin.’
    • ‘The tachinid fly Compsilura concinnata is a parasitoid of gypsy moth and other imported pests, such as satin moth and brown-tail moth.’
    • ‘Scientists hope the virus can kill at least 80 percent of the brown-tail moth population in the state.’