Definition of brown-haired in English:



  • Having brown-coloured hair.

    ‘a rangy, brown-haired man’
    • ‘She waved over a handsome brown-haired man.’
    • ‘A young, brown-haired man in his late 20s was sitting behind a huge, mahogany desk.’
    • ‘Sitting in a chair just inside the door was a brown-haired boy with large hazel eyes.’
    • ‘Derryn's mother, brown-haired like his father, touched him gently on the shoulder.’
    • ‘John Hackney was a slim, very tall and brown-haired man with warm and funny brown eyes.’
    • ‘Inside, a brown-haired woman sat on a chair in a neatly decorated office.’
    • ‘The driver was a brown-haired teenager.’
    • ‘She looked across from her to the brown-haired boy she had bumped into.’
    • ‘"Whatcha thinking about?" fifteen-year-old Ryan asked the brown-haired beauty sitting beside him.’
    • ‘"That's a nice sofa," I hear a man say to the slender, brown-haired woman standing beside him.’
    • ‘From a distance, the brown-haired, brown-eyed trio could be mistaken for sisters.’
    • ‘A brown-haired woman in nondescript clothing walked in.’
    • ‘He's going out with a slightly short, brown-haired woman named Heather, and he thinks that she could be his soul mate.’
    • ‘He steered her across the room toward a tall, brown-haired man about thirty years old.’
    • ‘What an interesting pair they must have made - Love tall and fair-haired and Barrett quite the opposite, brown-haired and squat.’
    • ‘When she finally stumbled down to breakfast the table was empty except for a brown-haired young man with hazel eyes.’
    • ‘Amelia, a brown-haired girl with soft grey eyes, leaned her forehead against the cold hard pane of glass.’
    • ‘Despite being a relatively docile, blonde older sibling, I deeply identified with the headstrong, brown-haired, younger sister Laura.’
    • ‘She turns left towards the payphone kiosk, but a tall, brown-haired man is using it.’
    • ‘As Elizabeth walked away, she turned around to take one last look and caught the brown-haired gentleman staring back her.’
    dark, dark-haired, darkish
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