Definition of brown-bag lunch in English:

brown-bag lunch


North American
  • A packed lunch carried to work, school, etc.

    • ‘We met at one member's church for a bag lunch and a program that one of us led.’
    • ‘At this intersection sits a white chapel with the seating capacity of a mid-size car, and in front of it are benches where people eat their bag lunches.’
    • ‘Impress your cafeteria pals with gourmet brown-bag lunches.’
    • ‘I recall my disgust on my last flight to Colorado when bag lunches (sandwich, chips, and cookies) were handed to passengers as they boarded the plane.’
    • ‘These cookies are a healthy alternative to most cookies - perfect for a school bag lunch or an after-school snack.’
    • ‘Reagan and Paca were already there, and I placed my backpack down and took a seat next to Reagan, taking my paper bag lunch out in the process.’
    • ‘Other possible support roles not listed in Figure 1 include helping to prepare a bag lunch for the field trip, or taking pictures of the children's experiences.’
    • ‘The bag lunch itself is nutritious, sufficient, if not very inspiring: a sandwich, some juice, a dessert snack or piece of fruit.’
    • ‘Awaiting them, at a cost of over $200, the Nikola Restaurant at the Newburgh Yacht Club had provided a bag lunch of shrimp, scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken and a steak salad.’
    • ‘Loaded down with water bottles, field journals and brown bag lunches, the students boarded the bright yellow school bus at 9: 00 am.’
    • ‘After a hearty breakfast (homemade banana pancakes with fruit sauce), you hike to hot springs, meadows and peaks and stop to enjoy a gourmet brown-bag lunch (pita sandwiches, tabbouleh, fresh salad, etc.).’
    • ‘Looking around, Tanj realized that a number of office workers were stretched out in the park, nude, or near-nude, soaking up the noontime sun as they ate their bag lunches.’
    • ‘Round out a sandwich-and-fruit combo with any of these healthy munchies for a brown-bag lunch that won't come home at the end of the day.’
    • ‘Between nine and eleven in the morning, people may have a second breakfast similar to an American bag lunch.’
    • ‘The venerable brown-bag lunch of sandwich, chips, cookies or fruit is as much a part of the American workplace as file cabinets and paper clips.’
    • ‘I took my normal bag lunch to my usual table, which sat empty as it usually did every day.’
    • ‘Rates include breakfast buffets, bag lunches, and dinners, plus afternoon tea and pastries.’
    • ‘Little did Nurse Kopeck know, but I always packed myself a massive brown bag lunch full of all kind of fattening foods.’
    • ‘Portable snack packs of pudding and organic milk can make any bag lunch chock-full of the calcium and vitamins that Junior needs to grow up right.’
    • ‘I also took out the brown bag lunch I had prepared for myself yesterday to take today.’


brown-bag it
North American
  • Take a packed lunch to work, school, etc.

    ‘no school lunch next week, I'm brown-bagging it’