Definition of brose in English:



  • A kind of porridge made with oatmeal or dried peas and boiling water or milk.

    • ‘While certain foods, such as tablet, crowdie or brose, just aren't available south of the border, there are some words for things we both have that are, quite simply, completely different.’
    • ‘It also bestows a sense of pride that Scotland is still producing quality raw ingredients - ready to be converted into oatcakes, mealie puddings and brose.’
    • ‘Disguised as a beggar, he moved from house to house, getting a bowl of brose here, the shelter of a barn there.’
    • ‘When peasemeal is used to make a brose, it is mixed with boiling water for immediate consumption, eaten with butter and pepper or salt, or with sugar and raisins.’


Mid 17th century: originally a Scots form of Middle English brewis ‘broth’, from Old French brouez; ultimately of Germanic origin and related to broth.