Definition of brookweed in English:



mass noun
  • A small white-flowered European plant which grows in wet ground, typically near the sea.

    Samolus valerandi, family Primulaceae

    • ‘The margins support a range of wetland plants including brookweed, arrowhead and purple loosestrife.’
    • ‘Here it is possible to find Cornish heath, mesembryanthemums, butchers broom, early meadow grass and a plethora of clovers including the large lizard clover, brookweed, yellow wallpepper and many more.’
    • ‘Samolus valerandi (brookweed) is a short, creeping perennial with erect stems to 20 cm.’
    • ‘Plants to look out for include wild thyme and bird's foot trefoil on shallow rocky soils, white-flowered brookweed in wet areas and yellow-flowered tormentil on dry heath-land.’