Definition of Brooklynite in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City.

    • ‘A Brooklynite whose family is split between Idaho and Atlanta, the single 30-year-old doesn't have a daily planner brimming with errands for others.’
    • ‘But Brooklynites have expressed reservations, much of it directed at what they say is the misguided use of Gehry's architectural creativity.’
    • ‘Like her fellow Brooklynite Barbara Stanwyck, she was born wised-up.’
    • ‘Most bands can't achieve in their whole careers what these Brooklynites have done with only three albums.’
    • ‘Like Canadians, Brooklynites absorb two cultures automatically, without much choice in the matter.’
    • ‘The car was mostly empty - few Brooklynites can muster up the energy to return to Manhattan after nine at night.’
    • ‘When Stephenson made a quick move along the baseline, the Brooklynites erupted.’
    • ‘So the 29-year-old Brooklynite set up a Web site and asked for help.’
    • ‘Cumberland is concerned with the health of Brooklynites of all ages.’
    • ‘In the meantime, his life as an average Brooklynite goes on, albeit a Brooklynite with a much more familiar face than most.’
    • ‘It will never surpass Ebbets Field in the minds of Brooklynites, but it is still a beautiful place to spend a summer.’
    • ‘Those who opposed the plan, he said, were not true Brooklynites.’
    • ‘John and Ryan, two Brooklynites in their 20s, were surprised by how mellow it all is.’
    • ‘When he was 14, he met fellow Brooklynite Irving Taylor, with whom he began a successful writing partnership.’
    • ‘Many Brooklynites do their shopping, entertaining, and socializing on their side of the East River, proudly refusing to leave their borough except to go to the airport.’
    • ‘About 4:30 on a brisk Sunday afternoon, an enterprising pair of Brooklynites set up shop.’
    • ‘To most Brooklynites, it is surely the building's exterior, especially the four illuminated clock faces below the dome, that matters most.’
    • ‘These sounds play softly three times a day, bringing Brooklynites back to the good old days when the Dodgers were kings.’
    • ‘Best wishes from us Brooklynites.’
    • ‘My parents were Brooklynites who moved to a small town in rural New Jersey before I was born.’