Definition of broodingly in English:



  • See brooding

    • ‘His subsequent solo output has been marked by restraint, with broodingly elegiac melodies underpinning a more shaded, if still downbeat, lyrical outlook.’
    • ‘And lamenting the far away, almost invisible picture of the broodingly handsome Jeff Buckley when you search for him.’
    • ‘The sky is broodingly grey over the humid downs of the Barkly Tableland as a mob of well-fed white Brahman cows and calves quietly shift across the green expanse.’
    • ‘Rogozhin's eyes never leave Myshkin: he is broodingly jealous of the prince.’
    • ‘Just imagine our heroine looking broodingly over an urban wasteland and trying to articulate the pressure of living up to the Big Mags legend.’