Definition of brooding in English:



  • 1Engaged in or showing deep thought about something that makes one sad, angry, or worried.

    ‘he stared with brooding eyes’
    • ‘Illusion sighed, wondering what they could do, and glanced back up into ShadowSlayer's deep, brooding face.’
    • ‘That dark curly hair that just begs your fingers to run through it, those deep brown brooding eyes, that body!’
    • ‘What remained of that innocent three year old was an angry, brooding shell.’
    • ‘In the miniseries, Spartacus is very brooding, contemplative and very quiet.’
    • ‘In one he gazed off in deep thought, brooding and handsome, in the other he was smiling to charm the lens off the camera.’
    • ‘But she ate by herself, and when she glanced at Mitherill, her face was brooding and angry.’
    • ‘It's a refreshing change of pace from the usual deep, brooding war epics that are becoming increasingly popular.’
    • ‘Already in 1943, Bohuslav Martinu, in exile in America, had composed his brooding symphonic meditation Memorial to Lidice.’
    • ‘There's a definite tone of brooding, even angry, determination to the record.’
    • ‘De Niro, with his brooding thoughtfulness and fine shadings of facial expression, is much more successful.’
    • ‘As he glanced from picture to picture his eyebrow knotted in brooding thought, his head shaking gently from side to side.’
    • ‘Ostensibly an account of two serial murderers, In The Night Room morphs into a brooding rumination on the storyteller's craft.’
    • ‘No words had passed between them; only glances that seemed to reflect the same brooding rebel spirit in both men.’
    • ‘He just shushes me, looking very, very, very handsome with that brooding, serious stare on his face.’
    • ‘When she turned back to speak more to Dr. McAndrews he had gone, leaving her almost entirely alone with her brooding thoughts.’
    • ‘A sustained note of brooding rumination hovers over most of the disc.’
    • ‘Nearly relieved for a break from his brooding thoughts, Rick reached for the phone, ‘Hello?’’
    • ‘He was one of those serious, brooding, cool types.’
    • ‘Matt Johnson's deep, brooding voice gets prominence in the mix, and is often double-tracked.’
    • ‘In actuality, she was staring more at the stars than the horizon, and the expression of brooding solemnity had once again taken over her features.’
    1. 1.1 Appearing darkly menacing.
      ‘the brooding moorland’
      • ‘The middle ground may be humdrum, but when Tetra Splendour aim high, they score big - raw, powerful songs filled with the feel of a brooding landscape.’
      • ‘This was the district known as Crater and it looked just like that, in fact a moon landscape was what it reminded me of most, black hills and valleys under a brooding grey sky, and not a leaf or blade of grass to be seen.’
      • ‘Dmytryk and veteran cinematographer Harry J. Wild create a brooding environment where shadow threatens to overwhelm the characters.’
      • ‘Dark, brooding clouds, which threatened to turn the event into a mudbath, took pity on those who had gathered below them and a light breeze even wafted past the stage to cool those who had exerted themselves too much.’
      • ‘Is it because of their design, or the brooding, sinister atmosphere?’
      • ‘His own magic eye focuses on the magnificent landscapes of the north of England - The Lakes, the Yorkshire Dales and the brooding Pendle countryside in which he lives and works.’
      • ‘They assign him to a bleak Romanian province called Transylvania, where vampires have been menacing a village in the shadow of a brooding castle.’
      • ‘He has covered a range of photographic genres and, since the late 1980s, concentrated on still life and brooding English landscapes.’
      • ‘To our right, the Sunchulli glacier towered above the calm turquoise water of Laguna Verde, beyond which scowled a dark, brooding ridge, protected at its base by impossibly steep scree.’
      • ‘Above the sky was a brooding purple, threatening a downpour.’
      • ‘His threatening, brooding black and white shots of the gangs of North London brought him to the attention of newspapers and he was soon working for the Sunday Times.’
      • ‘You know the kind: the brooding grates that let off a steady flow of steam into the dark, rainy, nighttime city streets, like the breath of a monster caged beneath the surface.’
      • ‘Moon's brooding landscapes, somewhat reminiscent of Corot, capture the beauty of trees and the luminous colour of the countryside.’
      • ‘Kina could see the sky now, brooding black yet on fire with random flashes of light.’
      • ‘The remote, fell-foot hamlet of Croglin lies tucked in among the fells and folds and dales and wide expanses of brooding water that pock the untamed landscape of Cumberland.’
      • ‘An hour later as the airplane comes buffeting into land at Wellington airport all you see are fangs of rock lashed by foam, black storm clouds on the horizon and brooding hill ranges.’
      threatening, ominous, black, thunderous, glowering, sinister, intimidating, frightening, terrifying, fearsome, mean-looking, alarming, forbidding, baleful, warning
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