Definition of broodiness in English:



  • See broody

    • ‘I'm feeling a strange combination of sad broodiness from the chapter's content and a relieved exhilaration at getting another chapter done.’
    • ‘Cast primarily because of his physical resemblance to Debussy, Oliver Reed has surprisingly little to do except intersperse smouldering broodiness and violent rage.’
    • ‘I initially hoped to stave off any broodiness by persuading my wife to take a job as a teacher.’
    • ‘The pliable and picturesque ‘Tall Ships’ contradicts its apparent broodiness, cutting through the water, creating a swell that carries you safely through the remainder of the songs.’
    • ‘‘He's always coming up with lots of one-liners, so after the broodiness of Sea Of Souls I'll have to work hard and get my comedy hat on,’ laughs Bill.’