Definition of brood pouch in English:

brood pouch


  • A pouch in certain fish, frogs, and invertebrates in which the eggs are protected before hatching.

    • ‘We repeated this analysis for a larger data set consisting of all females with brood pouches containing parthenogenetic eggs or embryos.’
    • ‘Nonfeeding tadpoles develop in the inguinal brood pouches of male Assa.’
    • ‘Snakes employ shivering thermogenesis, which acts to warm their eggs, amphipods actively ventilate the brood pouch, and fishes fan to increase water circulation.’
    • ‘Notice the brood pouches on the ventral surfaces of depicted males.’
    • ‘The host is so well fooled by the externa that even male hosts, which would never have carried eggs or young in a brood pouch, care for the externa as if they were females.’
    • ‘The female makes between 200-600 eggs which she then deposits in the males brood pouch where he fertilizes them and lets them grow.’
    • ‘Some species have closed brood pouches, the contents of which the parthogenetic female strongly regulates at about the same concentration as her own hemolymph.’
    • ‘However, sea dragons incubate the eggs on the underside of their tail on a brood patch instead of in a brood pouch.’
    • ‘Hemoglobin is present in embryos in the brood pouch; its concentration is the same as or higher than in maternal hemolymph, as evidenced by the fact that red Daphnia have red embryos and pale Daphnia have pale embryos.’
    • ‘It is plausible that the male stimulus is required to induce egg deposition in the brood pouch.’
    • ‘The eggs can be kept in open brood pouches or attached to the pleopods of the female, as in pleocyematan decapods, or freely released in the environment, as in penaeid shrimps.’
    • ‘Also, brooders probably are limited by anatomical constraints (e.g., the size of the brood pouch or buccal cavity), whereas nest tenders may be less constrained in terms of how many adults can contribute gametes to a nest.’
    • ‘The female deposits her eggs into a brood pouch found on the belly of the male.’
    • ‘After each trial, we scored the degree to which the male's brood pouch was filled with eggs and gently removed and counted them.’
    • ‘In S. typhle, females transfer eggs to a brood pouch under the male's tail, where he then fertilizes them.’
    • ‘In common with their seahorse relatives, the females lay their eggs into the special brood pouches on the belly of the males.’
    • ‘Shown are schematic cross sections through the male brood pouch, showing general pouch design and the extent of pouch enclosure.’
    • ‘In their bizarre form of reproduction, the male is the one who gets pregnant, carrying the female's eggs in a small brood pouch for weeks before giving birth.’