Definition of bronzer in English:



  • A cosmetic liquid or powder applied to the skin to give it colour or shine, typically to give the appearance of a suntan.

    • ‘I've got it down to under three minutes; this includes putting on eyeshadow and eye liner, curling my lashes, applying mascara, using a lash comb, applying concealer, powder, a bronzer, blush, lip liner, and lip gloss.’
    • ‘Lotions are the easiest to use but take about 30 minutes to dry, and, to prevent mistakes, products with instant bronzers help highlight where you did, or didn't, apply.’
    • ‘Opt instead to put a fresh face forward by smoothing on a bronzer, tinted moisturizer or light-diffusing product that's lightweight, yet will still even out your skin tone.’
    • ‘And don't overdo pressed or loose powders over a bronzer.’
    • ‘Powdered bronzer, applied lightly all over the face, can also help camouflage over-indulgences, says New York City-based makeup artist Maria Verel.’
    • ‘Buying my bronzer in the chemists yesterday lunchtime, the sweet little old lady at the till smiled at me and said: ‘Ooh, going anywhere nice?’’
    • ‘After evening out my skin tone with foundation and powder, Veronica dusted on a light bronzer for color and a soft pink blush to give my cheeks a rosy glow.’
    • ‘Fine says using them requires a bit more makeup savvy than using bronzers, because highlighters require precise blending.’
    • ‘Natalie Miller, a Los Angeles makeup artist, also suggests using gel bronzers since they're lightweight and absorb quickly.’
    • ‘OK, since I'm not a fan of the tanned look, I'll definitely not be buying the bronzer, but I'm interested in the eye shadow.’
    • ‘They get it in an instant with the right bronzers and blushes.’
    • ‘For faster results, consider using a bronzer.’
    • ‘If you want the golden glow of a tan without exposure to damaging UV light, consider using sunless tanning products or bronzers.’
    • ‘You no longer have to wear those ridiculous uniforms, the green hair dye, nor the skin bronzer.’
    • ‘Make sure you get a bronzer that is on the yellow/gold side, other than the pink tinted ones, which are meant more for pale skin girls (unless your face is usually on the redder side then I suggest getting the pink toned one).’
    • ‘Now, I've researched the best and most affordable self-tanners and bronzers that not only make you look great but also are not harmful to your health and can make you look just as natural as the sun would.’
    • ‘When it comes to beauty, sometimes it's the little things you do that make all the difference: swiping on a bright lipstick, dusting on bronzer to give your skin a glow and, on hair, adding a touch of unexpected brightness.’
    • ‘So, just about every issue of Seventeen and YM advertise the hair dye, the make-up, the bronzer, and even the clothing.’
    • ‘While self-tanners can give your skin a sun-kissed look, bronzers offer an instant alternative with no long-term commitment, says Julie Hewett, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist.’
    • ‘To avoid the monochromatic look that can result from using bronzers, use a bit of colour on the cheek for a natural sun-kissed look.’