Definition of brontothere in English:



  • A large ungulate mammal of the Eocene epoch with a hornlike bony growth on the nose.

    Family Brontotheriidae, order Perissodactyla

    • ‘While brontotheres probably are most closely related to horses, they looked more like rhinoceroses.’
    • ‘In this context, the evolution of brontothere horns has fascinated paleontologists for more than a century.’
    • ‘In some species, the horns were extremely long, while in others they were forked, suggesting that the horns may have also been used to help brontotheres recognize their own species.’
    • ‘South Dakota was sub-tropical and had animals such as crocodiles, brontotheres, and horses.’
    • ‘He is particularly associated with work on the giant brontotheres, and he proposed a theory to account for their evolution and extinction.’


Modern Latin, from Greek brontē ‘thunder’ + thērion ‘wild beast’.