Definition of broncobuster in English:



  • A cowboy who breaks in wild or half-tamed horses.

    • ‘Each year over the Fourth of July weekend, the Toppenish Pow Wow & Rodeo brings crowds of people to Toppenish to watch broncobusters and Native American dances.’
    • ‘His great frustration in life - even though I'm no broncobuster, was that I rode him every day and never got thrown.’
    • ‘Along the way, he has also been a rodeo broncobuster, metal shop class instructor for seventh through ninth graders, singer, barber, and farmer of 76 acres.’
    • ‘Retired Rodeo Riders, another striking rodeo shot taken the same year, features several aged, onetime broncobusters in wheelchairs, staring gloomily at the camera.’
    • ‘Roosevelt wrote about the life of a broncobuster: he ‘receives high wages and deserves them, for he follows a most dangerous trade, at which no man can hope to grow old.’’
    • ‘When the bus makes a scheduled stop in Fairfield where the annual rodeo is in progress, Mollie runs into broncobuster Duke Hudkins.’
    • ‘After heading west at the age of 15, he ranched with relatives in Colorado, then knocked around the U.S. and Canadian Rockies, working as a drover and broncobuster.’
    • ‘Some 75 broncobusters compete for $57,000 prize money in the national rodeo championships in Dallas.’
    • ‘From the earliest days, said Shirley, Orr's Ranch was a gathering spot for freighters, cattle and horse wranglers, sheepherders, broncobusters, miners and trappers.’
    • ‘This cross-cultural exchange strengthens the self-respect of all three broncobusters; nevertheless, it is the youngest of the three, Johnathan himself, to whose growth attention is drawn.’
    • ‘Action-packed drawings depict calf ropers going after a speedy target, rodeo clowns doing their important job of distracting a dangerous bull, trick riders atop galloping steeds, broncobusters attempting to ride wild horses, and other exciting rodeo acts.’
    • ‘The owner's son, Jack, was a broncobuster who later worked in the movies in Hollywood.’