Definition of bronchospasm in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Spasm of bronchial smooth muscle, producing narrowing of the bronchi.

    • ‘None of the animals developed hypoxemia, hemoptysis, bronchospasm, or respiratory distress either during or after treatment.’
    • ‘If asthma is considered the result of two main pathogenic mechanisms, bronchospasm and inflammation, there are theoretic grounds to seek the involvement of heme oxygenase in both.’
    • ‘Because patients with more severe disease are more prone to respiratory tract infections and bronchospasm, we chose to evaluate patients with only mild-to-moderate COPD.’
    • ‘Acid reflux has been associated with bronchospasm, heightened bronchial reactivity, and airway edema.’
    • ‘The products of combustion, though cooled by the time they reach the lungs, act as direct irritants to the lungs, leading to bronchospasm, inflammation, and bronchorrhoea.’