Definition of bronchodilation in English:



  • See bronchodilator

    • ‘In addition to steroids, albuterol should be used for bronchodilation because of its short onset of action.’
    • ‘In addition, activation of slowly adapting pulmonary stretch receptors is known to decrease airway cholinergic tone, and their stimulation by furosemide may also account for the bronchodilation observed in this study.’
    • ‘Repeated measurements of FEV 1 and measurement of reversibility after bronchodilation would establish the diagnosis, but this was beyond the scope of our study.’
    • ‘Albuterol-induced bronchodilation is another suitable pharmacodynamic response in that it mimics clinical use as treatment for bronchospasm that is already present.’
    • ‘Many of these studies have used albuterol-induced bronchodilation as the pharmacodynamic response measured.’