Definition of bronchiolar in English:



  • See bronchiole

    • ‘We hypothesize that our patient's severe acid reflux led to acute and chronic bronchial and bronchiolar inflammation, which caused the progressive decline in his pulmonary function.’
    • ‘Weak immunoreactivity for NOS2 in the normoxia plus saline group was present in bronchiolar and vascular smooth muscle, bronchiolar epithelium, and Clara cells.’
    • ‘Large continuous masses of eosinophils were situated within the extracellular matrix, beneath the bronchiolar smooth muscle layer.’
    • ‘Ecsod can be detected in the arterial intima, media, bronchiolar epithelium, alveolar epithelium, and extracellular matrix of human neonatal lung.’
    • ‘There is mucous metaplasia, enlargement of the mass of bronchiolar smooth muscle, and loss of alveolar attachments.’