Definition of brolga in English:



  • A large grey Australian crane which has an elaborate courtship display that involves leaping, wing-flapping, and trumpeting.

    Grus rubicundus, family Gruidae

    • ‘One of the highlights will be the creation of a community wetland art sculpture of two dancing brolgas, each 3m high.’
    • ‘Favoured by brolgas, sarus cranes and black-necked storks, its lagoons were created from excess irrigation water.’
    • ‘Many dances mimic the movements and behaviors of animals such as the brolga crane of the northern wetlands.’
    • ‘It's a priceless experience, as is being shown special parts of their land like the ‘Jungle’ - wetlands where flocks of brolgas, jabirus and magpie geese gather - and ‘Paradise’ - where shallow falls rage into an emerald lagoon.’
    • ‘Black and white magpie geese rise like a thousand startled handkerchiefs while elegant, long-legged brolgas pick among the giant water lilies.’


Late 19th century: from Kamilaroi burralga (also found in other Aboriginal languages).