Definition of brokerage in English:



mass noun
  • 1The business of acting as a broker.

    as modifier ‘a brokerage firm’
    • ‘Another executive, former AT&T marketing star Gail McGovern, took over key roles in Fidelity's retail brokerage business.’
    • ‘A phone outage can mean millions of dollars' worth of lost business for the largest brokerage firm in the United States.’
    • ‘Unlike other firms cited in the story, Merrill does not disclose trading volume or the number of accounts in its retail brokerage business.’
    • ‘Improving profitability at Wealth Management USA, mostly the old PaineWebber brokerage business, has been a struggle.’
    • ‘So perhaps it's no surprise that brokerage firms have revived an old concept called option income funds.’
    • ‘Like other businesses, the U.S. brokerage is being tested: In the third quarter, both earnings and revenues were down compared to a year ago.’
    • ‘This fight over financial advisers might determine which firm wins online brokerage supremacy.’
    • ‘The real key to keeping Wall Street honest is compliance - enforcing rules designed to protect investors inside brokerage houses and banks.’
    • ‘The businesses of securities brokerage and trading had already been revolutionized by online brokers and electronic communication networks.’
    • ‘Yet there is at least one good reason why Merrill and other brokerage firms might want to overhaul their mutual-fund businesses in the future.’
    • ‘‘The measure threatened to push providers of brokerage services out of business putting other tax revenues from income at stake,’ reads the bulleting.’
    • ‘At times like these, market veterans, especially insiders in the big brokerage firms, can prosper; indeed, the thing these people really fear is stagnation.’
    • ‘It's celebrating its second birthday by shredding brokerage accounts and terrifying shareholders.’
    • ‘The biggest causes for not providing the discount were brokerage companies which did not count funds owned in the same fund family, and did not look at those owned by a spouse or children, according to the SEC.’
    • ‘Angry shareholders are investigating brokerage fraud, waging proxy fights, and agitating for securities reform’
    • ‘Almadro's team found evidence implicating businessman Dante Tan, a major BW shareholder, and several brokerage houses in insider trading and price manipulation that rocked the market early this year.’
    • ‘He has mastered every job he has had in his 15-year-career at Merrill - ranging from investment banking to, more recently, running the firm's core brokerage franchise.’
    • ‘For that reason, it's important to check out a broker or brokerage firm before you invest.’
    • ‘And some investors, who believe Purcell will keep the firm's retail brokerage and credit-card operations, want to own the stock anyway as merger activity picks up.’
    • ‘The market's decline has hurt the companies' brokerage business, but the bear market won't last forever, Williams says.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A fee or commission charged by a broker.
      ‘a revenue of £1,400 less a sales brokerage of £12.50’
      • ‘Explicit assumptions were made around levels of brokerage and commission and expenses that might be implicit within the premium calculation.’
      • ‘And, because they have to pay brokerage and perhaps also tax on their gains, most end up worse off than if they had bought and held.’
      • ‘In all UBS has spent more than $90 million, probably at a loss or break even depending on the brokerage and commission from the June raid.’
      • ‘Section 40 of the Insurance Act does not permit payment of commission / brokerage out of premium to any person other than an agent.’
      • ‘Global Trader 247 offers customers a no commission, no brokerage fee service to small institutions, retail investors, high net worth individuals and other customers.’
      percentage, share, portion, dividend, premium, fee, consideration, bonus, gratuity, tip, honorarium
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    2. 1.2count noun A company that buys or sells goods or assets for clients.
      • ‘Jihsun Securities retained its position as the second largest brokerage with a market share of 4.09 percent.’
      • ‘This week, Bloomberg reported on a recent study of the Manhattan apartment market commission by brokerage Douglas Elliman.’
      • ‘China-backed CEL also said it strongly supported the restructuring and planned listing of its mainland brokerage, China Everbright Securities.’
      • ‘Homeloans began as a broadly based financial services brokerage, but after six months Curry and Gavin realised they were spreading their net too wide.’
      • ‘Zaha Rina Zahari, chief executive of Malaysian brokerage RHB Securities, says the story is the same in her native country.’
      • ‘Homeloans was initially established as a broadly based financial services brokerage offering everything from home loans to car insurance.’
      • ‘I jumped ship from a financial services brokerage in Edinburgh where I was a director last October, and I'm convinced I've made the right move.’
      • ‘One investor applied for compensation from his brokerage after discovering some mysterious person had used his account to buy Yinguangxia, causing him to suffer a great loss.’
      • ‘The world's largest fixed income brokerage was based in the north tower of the World Trade Centre, where it employed 1,000 staff.’
      • ‘Barbara Corcoran, chairwoman of the Corcoran Group, a New York City real estate brokerage, has her share of sob stories.’
      • ‘The company's Web site will allow online access to initial public offerings for the brokerages ' combined client base of roughly 6 million.’
      • ‘And by virtue of the concrete connection to Silicon Valley via Highway 101, his brokerage had quick access to leading technology.’
      • ‘Insurance brokerages typically sell for 1 to 1.5 times annual revenues.’
      • ‘It is still unclear whether the television - maker can recover another 200 million yuan invested in May 2003 with seized brokerage China Southern Securities.’
      • ‘On April 19, securities brokerage Cash Financial Group reported that a fake website with its company logo and name was arranging a bogus lucky draw for customers.’
      • ‘Not likely, says Jimmy Lam, a Hong Kong-based analyst at brokerage Kim Eng Securities.’
      • ‘‘In his view any brokerage with premium income of less than 5m is dead in the water,’ said Russell.’
      • ‘The brokerage said every 5 per cent rise in raw material costs will squeeze the gross profit margin by 13.3 per cent, assuming the company is unable to pass on the cost jumps to customers.’
      • ‘He is the humbly born Brooklyn boy who built Shearson Loeb Rhodes from the parts of dozens of brokerages and then sold it to American Express.’
      • ‘By far the wealthiest branch of the family, they own banks in Switzerland, public and private banks worldwide and a network of finance houses and investment brokerages.’