Definition of broken-winded in English:



  • See broken wind

    • ‘Not long afterwards the Horse, having become broken-winded, was sent by his owner to the farm.’
    • ‘The farmer had paused over Fred's respectable though broken-winded steed long enough to show that he thought it worth consideration, and it seemed probable that he would take it, with five-and-twenty pounds in addition, as the equivalent of Diamond.’
    • ‘The horse turned out to be broken-winded and Roche refused to take it back.’
    • ‘Horses that are lame, broken-winded, and vicious, pull the great bulk of all the weight that horses pull.’
    • ‘The average life of even the sturdiest horses used in this work is six months, for in this length of time they either become broken-winded… or are driven crazy by the frightful heat.’