Definition of brogrammer in English:



  • A male computer programmer who engages in stereotypically male-oriented activities and macho behavior.

    ‘she's able to command the respect of brogrammers even as she pushes to make tech more welcoming to all kinds of women’
    • ‘The world of the brogrammer is a vague and hazy place of stereotyped sex humour and pseudo-serious trend pieces.’
    • ‘Many a young brogrammer is shocked to discover his ilk didn't invent the 24-hour coding marathon.’
    • ‘Lastly, while brogrammer culture is rightly derided as juvenile, it apparently has flourished among a highly educated workforce.’
    • ‘Believe me when I say you don't want a bunch of brogrammers, and this may happen if you only hire your buddies.’
    • ‘Computer science is still a brogrammer's world.’
    • ‘Are a few brogrammers giving the developer population, which is mostly married with children, an undeserved bad name?’


Early 21st century: blend of bro and programmer.