Definition of broggy in English:



usually in phrase do a broggy
  • A sharp turn or slide in a vehicle.

    ‘we wheeled around the car park doing broggies’
    • ‘Safety Nazis don't like kids doing that these days, as the dust kicked up during the broggy is seen as an environmental hazard.’
    • ‘He sees me and the old duck walking next to me, slams on the rear brake, throws a broggy and skids around us.’
    • ‘It reminded me of when we used to do broggies as kids in the gravel.’
    • ‘I managed to hold the slide (making all those broggies on gravel as a kid worthwhile).’
    • ‘They put their gings in their pockets and rode off on their bikes to the corner shop, doing broggies.’


1970s: possibly an alteration of US slang brodie, ‘a spin made by a skidding vehicle’, ultimately from Steve Brodie, a US daredevil who jumped from Brooklyn Bridge in 1886.