Definition of brocket in English:


(also brocket deer)


  • A small deer with short straight antlers, found in Central and South America.

    Genus Mazama, family Cervidae: four species

    • ‘The home ranges of the female gray brockets were noted to overlap in a captive study area, whereas male home ranges were regarded as being exclusive.’
    • ‘The fourth group consists only of brown brockets from the Yucatán Peninsula and represent the taxon described by Merriam as M. pandora.’
    • ‘New records and a status assessment of a rare dwarf brocket deer from the montane forests of Bolivia.’
    • ‘The total length of a Mexican brocket deer ranges from 102 to 111 cm with an average weight of 17 kg.’
    • ‘Tapir, peccaries, and brocket deer appear to survive on cactus, while carnivores like jaguar and puma survive on fluids from their prey.’


Late Middle English (denoting any red deer stag in its second year, with straight antlers): from Anglo-Norman French broquet, diminutive of broque, variant of broche (see brooch). The current sense dates from the mid 19th century.