Definition of brochette in English:



  • 1A skewer or spit on which chunks of meat or fish are barbecued, grilled, or roasted.

    ‘beef and lamb en brochette’
    • ‘Chunks of moist chicken, bursting with taste and tenderness, are grilled on a brochette with slices of blackened onion.’
    • ‘The brochettes are very long and have a V-shaped blade in order to more easily pierce the meat.’
    • ‘The best of the seafood dishes was a platter of monkfish and giant sea scallops, densely skewered on a rosemary brochette.’
    skewer, rotisserie
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    1. 1.1 A dish consisting of chunks of meat or fish cooked on a brochette.
      ‘healthy dishes like brochettes of seafood’
      • ‘The grilled brochette was served with three different kinds of basmati rice.’
      • ‘After some hemming and hawing, I ordered the barg kebab, a grilled, marinated brochette of filet mignon.’
      • ‘More fowl - the grilled hoffman ranch thyme chicken brochettes were amazing.’
      • ‘The brochettes come on skewers that could be used for sword-fighting, hanging over each end of the large oval serving plate.’
      • ‘A better bet was the beef kebab, a brochette containing six large chunks of meat, grilled pepper, onion and zucchini, served with a tasty peppercorn dipping sauce.’
      • ‘Just as all the appetizers are available in varied formats, the main courses of falafel or meat brochettes are served as sandwich or as a platter.’
      • ‘You know the lamb must be fresh when it's the basis for three daily dishes: soup, brochette or shoulder.’
      • ‘Anyone with a hankering for an ostrich fillet or a brochette of kangaroo but not sure where in Kerry they might get hold of such delights such check out the latest addition to dining out in Killarney.’
      • ‘The plate of lamb brochette had lots of elements to sample.’
      • ‘We also ordered the chicken brochette with a spicy marinade.’
      • ‘Go all out with the chef's couscous special, presented in a peaked ceramic dish containing five simmered meats, including a tender lamb chop, succulent chicken, merguez sausage, a savoury meatball and a grilled lamb brochette.’
      • ‘The dish came with two brochettes, and these were something else - tender and juicy and infused with citrusy flavour.’
      • ‘Place the brochettes on a preheated barbecue and cook for 4-5 minutes each side.’
      • ‘The aromas mingle in the smoke of the little brochettes grilling over braziers.’
      • ‘Main courses include great brochettes, fragrant rice and a veggie plate.’
      • ‘I have some things to say about this quail brochette.’
      • ‘The assortment was rounded out by a savoury lamb meatball loaded with parsley, and small chunks of grilled lamb brochette.’
      • ‘The Dad ordered marinated lamb brochette on a bed of garlic wild rice and red pepper dressing for €16.’
      • ‘Veggies can try Turkish vegetable brochettes with pepper, onions, zucchini, and cottage cheese with saffron rice or the spicier Thai vegetable curry with steamed rice.’
      • ‘The menu is split into four sections: salads, fresh fish, meats and brochettes.’


French, diminutive of broche ‘skewer’.