Definition of brocade in English:



mass noun
  • A rich fabric woven with a raised pattern, typically with gold or silver thread.

    as modifier ‘a heavy brocade curtain’
    • ‘I want to dye a beautiful white (with Silver) brocade dress a silver grey color.’
    • ‘Next was a deep midnight blue dress, the neckline was draped with chiffon; the bodice was silk and was cut as an empress waist, below that the skirt split to reveal a brocade fabric with gold beaded stars randomly placed.’
    • ‘She had on a white dress similar to the one Mirian was wearing, and over that was a robe of rich brocade, purple and green and golden thread throughout it all.’
    • ‘Elizabeth's dress, of white and gold brocade, is much less elaborate than the ‘Armada’ costume, and the head-dress is comparatively unassuming.’
    • ‘Inspired by the rich tradition of the sub-continent, Karuna has concentrated on pure fabrics like khadi, silks, organza, brocade, tissue, crepe and georgette.’
    • ‘She wore a gown of ivory taffeta adorned with gold brocade made by her own hand.’
    • ‘Rosalind unhappily appeared for the dreaded occasion clad in her finest queenly garments, a gown of rich ivory edged with gold brocade and pearls.’
    • ‘Her works combine magnificent textile materials such as haute couture fabrics, lace and brocade with more modest elements such as thread, cord, wire, ribbon and cable.’
    • ‘Clothed as the queen she is, she is resplendent in a new red silk and gold brocade sari, with so many garlands of fresh flowers around her neck that her placid face floats above them like the moon.’
    • ‘There are also reams of rich brocade, tussar silk in earth colour and prints and breezy georgettes and chiffons.’
    • ‘They were a continuation of tough-girl look from last season and come in white cotton, denim and a dressy gold brocade print.’
    • ‘Saint Louis wears a cope made from a Persian velvet with disks of gold brocade in offset rows, and a Central Asian silk with rhythmic patterns of tiny plants and animals drapes his chair.’
    • ‘Lovely silk brocades and other fine fabrics are woven, dyed and embroidered here.’
    • ‘Two beds also were there - huge iron four-posters with heavy velvet drapes and brocade trimmings.’
    • ‘Robed in the Kumari's garb of scarlet brocade silk, with gold jewellery hanging heavy from her ears, arms and neck, she is then escorted to the audience room.’
    • ‘Alicia asked as she seated Fiera on the rich gold brocade sofa.’
    • ‘Before I could answer, the real Annabelle came out the front door, in a fresh silk brocade of gold and navy blue.’
    • ‘Damascus is a center of glassblowing and fabric production, including the silk brocade called damask, which was named for the city.’
    • ‘Royal blue and gold brocade curtains and surrealistic paintings set the tone.’
    • ‘He wore fine clothes, a white linen brocade shirt and some of the finest trousers shed ever set eyes on, but they were all completely soaked through with various liquids, such as oil and turpentine.’


Late 16th century: from Spanish and Portuguese brocado (influenced by French brocart), from Italian broccato, from brocco ‘twisted thread’.