Definition of broadscale in English:



  • On a broad scale; extensive.

    • ‘We are committed to protecting our native forests through banning the use of ‘wood waste’ from native forests to produce electricity and ending broadscale land clearing in order to increase our store of carbon.’
    • ‘Thus the broadscale patterns are only slowly emerging.’
    • ‘Permaculture is a broadscale design system that organizes concepts, principles, techniques, and strategies from many well-established fields into a pattern of mutually supportive relationships.’
    • ‘There is a tendency for tropical cyclones in Australian waters to be less common in El Niño summers, and more common in La Niña summers, due to changes in broadscale wind patterns and water temperatures during such events.’
    • ‘Mr Walden said overall the news on locusts was good for WA producers, and it was unlikely that there would be any need to conduct any coordinated broadscale control measures this year.’
    • ‘The key components of the Wentworth Model include ending broadscale landclearing, setting clear environmental standards and providing significant public funding to farmers.’
    • ‘It is our intention that the plans that are already backed up by $120-million, the plans that are being worked out now will have the effect of once and for all stopping broadscale clearing, that's our goal.’
    • ‘How is botanical science at the park contributing to broadscale land management?’
    • ‘The New South Wales Government has announced an overhaul of State Vegetation Laws, with Premier Carr promising this will bring an end to broadscale land clearing.’
    • ‘The history of vertebrates based on the paleontological evidence has not been substantially changed in its broadscale pattern since the 19th century.’
    • ‘The BBS was developed to monitor broadscale changes in North American bird populations, but not to identify causes responsible for those changes.’
    • ‘This limits our ability to make broadscale predictions about the relative importance of local ecological processes.’
    • ‘These movements have produced broadscale reforms in the policies of contemporary political systems.’
    • ‘Theoretical studies suggest that the joint effects of selection and linkage may lead to broadscale patterns of genetic variation in different genomic regions.’
    • ‘Several of these broadscale molecular studies have focussed on using mitochondrial DNA which, although variable, must be considered a single locus.’