Definition of broadcaster in English:



  • 1An organization that transmits a programme or information by radio or television.

    ‘the broadcaster aired the news item on Tuesday’
    ‘radio and television broadcasters must accept some limits on their programming’
    • ‘Various groups expressed concern about the dangers of radio programs to youths and pressured broadcasters for change.’
    • ‘We as documentary makers ask the broadcasters to take responsibility for the role they play to create a peaceful and sustainable future.’
    • ‘The idea that cable broadcasters might produce unique programming seemed rather counterintuitive.’
    • ‘Initially a radio broadcaster, they launched as the state television broadcaster in the 1970s.’
    • ‘International broadcasters are interested in teen-oriented drama.’
    • ‘The campus radio broadcaster is managed exclusively by students.’
    • ‘The broadcasters finally shut the building down in 1995.’
    • ‘In less than six months, they had the network on board as the Canadian broadcaster.’
    • ‘She wrote many of her first film reviews for a subscriber-based public radio broadcaster in Berkeley.’
    • ‘Cable companies argue they shouldn't have to carry multiple streams of broadcasters' channels at the expense of their own premium channels.’
    1. 1.1 A person who presents a radio or television transmission.
      ‘the veteran broadcaster put everyone at their ease’
      ‘he became a successful broadcaster, both on television and the wireless’
      • ‘Journalist and broadcaster Alistair Cooke narrates a personal history of his adopted home.’
      • ‘Linkletter is one of America's most loved broadcasters.’
      • ‘Frost has made a name for himself as a heavyweight broadcaster, journalist, and political interviewer.’
      • ‘I'm not an instinctive broadcaster so I have to work at it.’
      • ‘Shortwave radio broadcasters can continue to inform and educate people from outside a nations borders.’
      • ‘This American writer and broadcaster brings a magical romance into the charm of radio.’
      • ‘Go to a school and learn how to be a broadcaster.’
      • ‘I mean, this man's been a broadcaster for 30 years.’
      • ‘The billionaire broadcaster was ordered to do jury duty after getting out of two previous summonses by citing conflicts with her work schedule.’
      • ‘The sports broadcaster was present to celebrate the achievements with the children and to present them with certificates.’