Definition of broadbill in English:



  • 1A small, colourful bird of the Old World tropics, with a stocky body, a large head, and a flattened bill with a wide gape.

    Family Eurylaimidae: several genera

    • ‘I am not up to speed on the identification of antpittas, Eurasian emberizids and finches, or broadbills.’
    • ‘A walk in the Fig Forest turned up a rare African broadbill.’
    • ‘Like the Mariana mallard, the Guam broadbill also was probably never abundant.’
    • ‘The Old World has only about 50 species of suboscines, and these fall into three small groups: the outrageously colorful, short-legged, plump pittas; the broadbills; and the asities.’
    • ‘The Guam broadbill, a small flycatcher that occurred only on the island of Guam, was listed as endangered in 1984.’
  • 2North American A bird with a broad bill, especially a duck such as the shoveler or the scaup.

    • ‘In 1948 Heck won first place amateur with his broadbill and best diving duck, the same year in which Crisfield's Lem Ward won "Best in Show."’
    • ‘The hunters, dressed in camouflage in floating duck blinds offshore, take aim at the broadbills, black ducks and mallards that are the prized bounty of these waters.’
    • ‘Winter residents include large flocks of ducks, geese, and swans winter in the Sound. In West Haven, Connecticut 8,000 scaup (also called Broadbills or Bluebills) were regularly counted in the 1970s.’